Surf Casting Reels: Enjoying The Water Sports

Surf Casting Reels: Enjoying The Water Sports

Surfcasting reels are specifically for casting and retrieving fishing lines in surf fishing. It is a technique used for catching fish, from beaches or shorelines. You can purchase surf casting reels in NZ and enjoy this water sport during your leisure time.

What to look for in a surfcasting reel?

Sand and saltwater spray are a part of the equation when surf fishing. Be sure to pick a waterproof and fully sealed reel to keep against water damage. The surf fishing reel must have a high-quality triple disc that drags the system to help land your catches quickly and smoothly. 

Best setup for surf casting

The fish-finder rig is the most popular choice of surf casters. You may use it in most conditions and for whatever species you would like to target. You need a pyramid sinker with a swivel. It must be followed by a leader line and a circle hook with a frozen bait. With this setup, you are sure that your surfcasting sports are more enjoyable.

Surfcasting basics

There are a lot of surf casting basics that you need to learn, here are they:

  • Get the gear right. Have you watched a surf caster reelin in fish time and wished you could do the same? You can watch an older surf caster wind in several beautiful snappers. There is nothing to do with fancy things, just like sticking to the basics. You can use an old bamboo rod, a wooden reel and what looked like closer to a 100lb line. The sinkers can be of old spark plugs and used meat for the bait. Indeed, you can’t get more basic from this.

  • Rods and reels. Surfcasting reels fall into 3 different types, and the surfcasting rods are similarly divided. Each reel works best with the specific rod partner with a drop-off in the performance if unsuitable. The most common reel in the fixed spool or spinning reel is called an egg beater. The suitable robs have the reel seat mounted at arm’s length. From the bottom of the rod, six or seven-line guides are fitted.

The over-head reel or free-spool is mounted on the rod at much the same height as the fixed-spool reels. More line guides are required to keep the line rubbing on the rod, it is when bent under the load. Some of the surfcasters mount both the reel types low down on the rod; this is a better performance from the setups.