The Positive History of Goalie Pads!

The Positive History of Goalie Pads!

Protective equipment was not a part of the game in the early years of the sport. Players played without wearing masks, helmets or leg and elbow pads. It is after the 19th century, the discovery of safety came into light. The evolution continued from changing a basic cushion of foam into revolutionized technical pads. Since then, changes have been made in the size, length, designs, material, and importance.

These changes were made because of the discomfort of the pads or the thickness which didn’t allow the goalie to move properly. From making pads thicker and wider to substituting padding in it, improvisations were introduced in the form of leather pads to synthetic leather to make them light.

It was first decided in 2005 that goalie pads could not be more than 11 inches in width. The length should not exceed 38 inches.

How to Buy Right Goalie Pads:

  1. It is important to choose leg pads that balance the perfect proportion of flex and stability, making the netkeeper able to get every puck in his hand and save the goal as well as his team.
  2. It becomes extreme pain to run, swirl and catch with heavy leather cushioned broad pads and therefore, lightweight pads should be considered to have a movable body function throughout the game. Synthetic leather pads are very efficient in protecting from puck injury and prevent it from making a goal.
  1. The material makes a huge difference in the making of pads. Low-density foam does not make the pads stiff and hard like high density does. Therefore, it is recommended to use low-density foams in front and back of pads to make them soft and comfortable to wear.
  1. The size of the goalie pads should be selected accordingly. Wearing too fitted or ill-fitted pads can trouble in the game and the player instead of stopping balls will be busy adjusting the pads. Pads come in different sizes and should be selected wisely and tried on before buying.

Types of Goalie Pads:

We can also customize our leg pads or buy online from various websites. However, it is advised to measure the pad size. We can check the leg pad size by doing three simple steps:

  1. Skate size
  2. Ankle to knee measurement
  3. Knee to thigh measurements

Since the whole role of goalie revolves around protecting goals and blocking balls or pucks. Goalkeeper becomes the most important part of the team. It is not just important to score goals but also to stop the goals of the rival team. He is one-man army and hence, his performance and protection can influence the game a lot. Protective goalie pads assist him in doing his work efficiently.