Tips To Choose The Right Tennis Racquet

Tips To Choose The Right Tennis Racquet

Tennis is a sport that requires selecting the right equipment to help perform better. While getting the perfect equipment depends on a variety of factors, it is important to get advice from a coach or instructor to understand what to buy.

What type of racquet to buy?

A perfect racquet will enable the player to improve on their plays while an incompatible racquet will promote problems to that rather than helping. It is similar to choosing the right site as choosing the wrong one will prove to be useless.  So, it is important to choose the perfect racquet based on the skill level and play style.

Power racquet

A power racquet has a long head and is heavy and is most suitable for beginners. As starters will require some help with control and power in their hits, a power racquet will help deliver more power during swings. The longer heads will help with improving control.

Tweener racquet

This type of racquet is suitable for intermediate players and is best for players with some control and power. It comes with small and large heads and based on the accuracy of the player’s shots, the suitable one can be chosen. The racquets are lighter and a little longer than a power racquet.

Control racquet

A control racquet is for people who are skilled in playing tennis and want to improve their game to the next level. These racquets are heavier than most power and tweener racquets and have a small head. Buying a control racquet will require the user to expend more power on the shots and have good control over them. For a player with well-established basics, this is the perfect pick.

Getting the right type of racquet is one thing but getting it in the right size will also be necessary based on the height of the player. There’s no better time to start the search for your next tennis racquet than now. The right choice can be a game changer, so don’t make this decision lightly. We hope that our guide has helped you find some clarity in what is otherwise an overwhelming process of choosing the best one out there. Whether you care about weight distribution, frame size or grip style, we have information on it all! Now go forth and play with confidence knowing you are armed with the knowledge needed to choose wisely from here on out- even if it’s just a simple update to your existing racquet set up!