The Amazing Mastery of T20 Cricket Batsmen

The Amazing Mastery of T20 Cricket Batsmen

The Indian Premier League is one of the best cricket tournaments that take place in the Indian Continent every year. Millions of fans get hooked onto their favorite players, who effortlessly turn their bats to victory. Tournaments like IPL are meant for entertainment and there is a lot of excitement with each ball going to the ropes. Players with their enthusiasm face the opponents only with their major goal in mind; the aim to win it. In this way, some of the players win the hearts of many and are, therefore, timeless batsmen!

The top 5 players of T20 cricket:

T20 has now taken over the world with its popularity. Here are the top 5 best T20 batsmen in world cricket.

  1. AB De Villiers:

He is a South African cricket player and considered to be one of the best T20 batsmen in world cricket. AB De Villiers can hit any bowler out of the park with his timing and great cricket skills. If you admire his game, you must remember the innings that he played for Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL against Pune Warriors. He changed the course of the game and turned in favor of Bangalore. AB De Villiers is currently the captain of the South African cricket team.

  1. Yuvraj Singh:

He is called the master of T20 cricket. When the T20 world cup was played in South Africa in 2007, Yuvraj Singh surprised the world with his 6 sixes in an over. On his day, he is as destructive a batsman you can think of. Yuvraj is an Indian player and plays a key role in the performance of his team.

  1. RichardLevi:

Richard Levi shocked the world with his century in T20 cricket against New Zealand. He is a powerful man and a great hitter of a cricket ball. Richard Levi is certainly one of the best T20 batsmen in world cricket.

  1. Yusuf Pathan:

Yusuf Pathan created havoc among the bowlers in the inaugural version of IPL in India. It was majorly due to his extreme batting that Rajasthan Royals took away the IPL cup 2008. Yusuf Pathan can clear almost all the boundaries in world cricket and known to be a powerful hitter of the cricket ball.

  1. Shahid Afridi:

Known as “Boom Boom”, Shahid Afridi is someone to watch out for when there is a T20 match going on. He does not wait for many balls before starting to score. Shahid Afridi is one of the best T20 batsmen in world cricket.

Watch your favorite players during IPL via various sports channels or even online. Players never fail to amuse their fans and are, therefore, cricketers of great strength and standards!